Career Tips: Which career option can be best for graduation pass student, check complete details here

There are many job options in India which give job opportunities to graduate candidates.

New Delhi: After graduation, students get into thinking about which course to do. But there are many job options in India that give job opportunities to graduates. There are many jobs available for commerce, science, or arts students at a good salary package, just need to find them. There are some courses that demand skills along with studies. If there is self-confidence in personality and a better grip on English then many opportunities can be seen.

There are some courses that demand skills along with studies.
There are many jobs available for commerce, science, or arts students with good salary packages.

Interior and fashion designing
Both interior and fashion design are such fields in which jobs can be done easily. However, for both fields, it is necessary to learn its nuances first. One can do short-term, diploma, degree, and master courses from any government or private institution. The duration of this course can range from 6 months to 3 years. After completing this, you can start a new business by opening your own firm. Even if you want to do a job instead of a business, you can get great opportunities at a good salary.

FMCG Sector
The demand for jobs in FMCG is increasing day by day among the youth who are interested in sales and marketing. In India, this field has become involved in a very high range in terms of salary. Only after three to four years of experience, the annual salary of those working here goes up to Rs 10 lakh. According to a survey, the salary of 30 percent of the people in this field is above Rs 10 lakh. If you have BBA or MBA in Sales, Marketing, and Finance, then there are eligible participants to do jobs in this field.

“किसी भी विज्ञापन पर क्लिक करें और विज्ञापनों को लोड होने तक प्रतीक्षा करें और फिर लिंक को कॉपी करके यहां पेस्ट करें”

research organization
Research organization gives excellent opportunities to do research. Graduates of Economics and Mathematics can go into this field. For this, it is necessary to pass with 55 percent marks in graduation. It involves collecting data, forecasting market trends, and studying economic and statistical data. Candidates can also make a career as freelancing.

teacher or professor
Passed candidates from any stream can adopt the teaching profession. After graduation, you can get a job in the teaching line by passing the B.Ed and TET exam. Those who have a master’s degree can move to the teaching field by appearing in the University Grants Commission’s National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the National Testing Agency. Apart from this, Ph.D. or fellowship can also be done. For Ph.D., it is necessary to have an MA with 50% marks.

Indian Economics Services
IES is one of the best career scopes of Indian Economics Services Economics. For this, it is necessary to pass the Indian Economics Service exam. The IES exam is conducted by UPSC. The candidate can be selected for this job only after passing the IES exam. To appear in this exam, it is necessary to pass MSc or MA with at least 55% marks. In this job, the candidate gets a chance to work in many other areas like the Planning Board, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and National Sample Survey.

The telecom sector in India is also in great demand in terms of jobs. Young people like this field because both growth and money grow very quickly. After some time of experience, the annual salary in this sector can reach up to Rs.8.7 lakh. It is believed that in the coming times, the telecom industry will be on top in the highest-paying field.

business analyst
The field of Business Management or Business Analyst is new. The demand for participants related to the business field is increasing rapidly in this field. People are adopting it a lot as a career because it is one of the highest-paying jobs in India. As a fresher, one can easily get a package of Rs 10 lakh to 20 lacks annually. If you have passed MBA or BBA with good marks then you can go to this field.

education or career counselor

The demand for education and career counselors has increased tremendously. For this post, good offers are being received from many big companies with a salary of lakhs for the job. These fields also give great business opportunities. Education or career counselor can earn good money. To master it, one can do BA in Psychology, BA Honors in Psychology, BSc in Psychology, etc. Many diploma courses are also available in this field for master’s degrees.

career in yoga
Nowadays yoga is giving me good opportunities in my career. In this, both job and business can be done. There are many such institutes in the country that offer certificates, diploma degrees,s and master courses in yoga. Whose time frame can be from six months to three years. After doing short-term courses, one can work as a yoga teacher, yoga instructor, yoga consultant, health instructor, or gym instructor. Along with this, you can earn money by opening your own firm in all these areas.

Graphics and web designer
Graphics and web design are emerging sectors. There is a lot of job in this career in a multinational company. In this, you can do from certificate to graduation and post-graduation. You can start your own business setup. You can earn millions by opening your own website designing or graphic designing agency.


The career of publishing is very old. If you are associated with writing, then you can do a job in Publication House Media in House on a good salary package. Apart from the job, you can set up a business or a startup by opening your own publication house. For this, diploma, degree, and master courses are conducted in many institutes across the country.

digital marketing
Digital marketing is a whole new field. Every company needs a digital marketer, so there are plenty of job opportunities in it. In this, you can also start your own business. For this, your contacts should be strong enough. You can open an agency for digital marketing. Apart from this, by joining companies, you can take projects from them. You can start a startup by joining an advertising agency.

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